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European Union: "Solution is sealed " already bega









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发表于 2020-9-13 17:12:07 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
As European new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation alleviates gradually and begin " solution is sealed " , the European Union is beginning to design blue print to economy is revitalized after epidemic disease. On June 19, european Union committee holds member country with the form of video conference leader peak is met, with respect to the European Union old period financial frame and European Union anabiosis the heat problem such as fund plan undertakes discussion.
Last year the end of the year, new layer of leader of an European Union is walked on new hind ever expressed, want solidarity, unite understanding, pass an European Union as early as possible " 2021, 2027 finance budget " , so that center force arrangement Europe appoint can affirmatory " green plans " . But the plan that pneumonic epidemic situation gives the new coronal of arise suddenly the European Union added tremendous variable, european Union urgent affairs is May Europe appoint the economy after the epidemic disease of 750 billion euro that can put forward " promote a plan " allocate and carry out plan to reach consistent. Michelle of chairman of Council of Europe and Europe appoint De Laien of conference chairman Feng emphasizes, now is to reflect an European Union " unitive coadjutant spirit " when, also be European enterprise timely adjustment historic opportunity. And an European Union is curule express, if had been not stridden " budget and promote a plan " this high threshold, all massive programs of the European Union will make a plan.
Before epidemic situation, european Union 27 members fail 2021, the budget was reached 2027 consistent, the reason is budgetary amount giant, country of a few members does not wish to bear the membership due portion of apportion. However, one did not make the same score to rise again. The epidemic situation of arise suddenly brings about European economy to be immersed in trough, a large number of enterprises close down, unemployment rate rises, already was to anabiosis to one disaster after another nots less than for lack of power European Union economy. Europe appoint meeting the economy that gave 750 billion euro must be thrown below the condition that has not carry in the budget " promote a plan " .
The European Union analyses a personage to point out, pneumonic epidemic situation exposes new coronal not only piece mix in wholesome, epidemic prevention between each member the difference of infrastructure respect, and farther aggravate the political difference of interior of European Union member. 27 members economy grows the European Union horizontal difference is bigger, religion, culture and history are traditional between together with member different, european Union north and southern member, the member that member of middle east Europe and Western Europe hair are reached is in England " take off Europe " , refugee quota of people allocates, the difference on a lot of problem such as produce allowance is vast. Europe appoint of the meeting " promote a plan " it is the member country that differs in order to mix the means of loan and allowance to suffer epidemic situation to affect rate provides the help that number differs, among them 500 billion euro will extend to get the southern member with the most serious effect with allowance form, additional 250 billion euro allocates with loan means. Should initiate those who get great majority member to hold with, especially Spain, Italy, Greek wait for the reception that gets epidemic situation to affect serious meridional country, but comprise by Holand, Austria, Denmark and Sweden by " be economical Shikoku " object stoutly. "Be economical Shikoku " in the decline with all kinds of excuses on problem of European Union budget, bring about a budget to cannot be fulfilled tardy. The European Union decides to take out a good deal of fund nowadays " give " to meridional member, they do not wish of course " submissively photograph lets " , criticise southern member gets benefit too much, inequitable to other member, ask total capital should extend with loan means, at the same time complementary the use measure with Yan Ke, to investment limits also should establish superintendency mechanism.
Disclose according to attending the personage of the conference, this second peak can be European Union member actually between " explore each other " the peak is met, do not hold " hypostatic conference " it is impossible that so major problem is reached consistent. Be in before European Union peak is met or during ministerial board, during tea often is used to rest between member country or interest group or resting, undertake so called " corridor diplomacy " , the activity outside these courtyards often is producing conclusive effect. Video conference is the lash-up act of special period, lack is communicated. As expected, can go up in this peak, each member sings each tune each in crucial question naturally, "Be economical Shikoku " to the utmost keep within limits stays in Europe appoint can be southern member " spread money " " frantic activity " .
From at present each square comment looks, foreground is not bright. Michelle thinks, the atmosphere that this the peak meets is " constructive " , appeal each member takes out sincerity, not overmuch ground pesters detail, want to consider an issue from the solidarity of the European Union and integral development, "Special situation asks everybody makes special decision " . He still can put forward the near future a few specific proposals give each just discuss, with period reach before summer vacation came July consistent. Feng De Laien also will " schedule " it is surely by July before. The peak was used again even on the meeting " time is money " catchword, the appeal accelerates negotiation process. This second peak can leave a series of pendent questions: Whether can 750 billion euro prop up economy to revitalize? If why the scale of allowance and loan allocates? How do the condition of recieve aid recieve aid and amount decide? Long-term estimated how do first project and dimensions consider? Each just are expecting the Council of Europe that in July the middle ten days of a month holds " hypostatic peak is met " this legal case.
According to the relevant program of the European Union, each member is in even if the peak of next month is reached on the meeting consistent, still very long way wants: The parliament that should pass European parliament and 27 members country above all is discussed consistently through, form the legal text of a variety of 20 characters subsequently, the parliament discusses repass Europe parliament and each member state through. The process is here medium, any member absquatulate will cause each honest effort all one's previous efforts wasted. Europe appoint can emphasize, "Promote a plan " and " 2021, 2027 budgets draft " will put into effect on January 1, 2021. This shows, time is already special and pressing.
In be faced with European Union macroeconomic to anabiosis lack of power, international is terroristic menace still exists, social problem serious with each passing day, England " take off Europe " , the upper and lower teeth not meeting properly with old ally United States below the big setting that position of international of austere, European Union weakens condition of politics of fringe of ceaseless, ground, the European Union is about to be together 27 members approach " hold a group in the arms to warm oneself " , go up in order to realize economy, politics, diplomacy and even military affairs paddle one's own canoe, build " solidarity, unified, powerful " European Union, its effect is produced in international old structure. Germany will be in second half of the year holds the position of country of chairman of European Union spell this year, somebody expresses great expectations to this, hope Germany is developed " loco " drive action. But analytic personage points out, the system of European Union of be enslaved to be enslaved to, spell chairman country can develop " individual action " it is very finite, a piece of any blackball are OK " overturn is whole dish " , the lieutenancy of premier Mokeer is about to end together with the end of next year, cannot expect one column props up Germany day. July European Union peak is met on, each member leader will " face-to-face " engage in a battle, it is pinpoint pair of Mai Mang or handclasp make peace, let our wait and see what happens. (reporter Liu Jun)

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